2017 Advent Season Has Begun

2017 Advent Season Has Begun

Dec 08

The main doors of the church


Just inside the front doors. In addition to the Christmas greens, enjoy the beautiful stained glass windows made by two of our members.

A plethora of caps, scarves, and mittens made by our knitting group the Knit W.I.T.S (Knit With.Intention.To.Serve) to make sure local children and adults have warm heads and hands this winter. Displayed just inside the stained glass doors in the narthex/gathering area of the church.


Sorry the photo is blurry but you will find this quiet place to rest and contemplate the coming of our Savior in the spacious narthex/gathering area.


A ceramic nativity hand-painted by the mother of a member and lovingly displayed in her memory. (Also in the gathering area/narthex.)

Three trees in the worship space (honoring the Trinity).


A live poinsettia “tree” in front of a beautiful banner which reads, “The Lord is at hand.”


A better photo of the banner…thank you to a special friend for lovingly creating this special piece.

The Communion Table.

A view from the back of the worship space. Ahhhh, peaceful and inviting.

Notice that the child for whom we wait is not in the display of the nativity on the Communion Table. The congregation is busy doing acts of kindness, mercy, and justice to line the bed for his arrival. Look for him during the Christmas Eve service at 5:00 PM.


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